After an apprenticeship I started to work as a young photographer in the sector of editorial journalism.

Some years later, after successfully passing my master craftswoman's certificate at the Academy of Photography in Hamburg, I began studying Photographic Engineering in Cologne. However, after the foundation year it soon became apparent that engineering was not for me.

So I left my studies and started as a photography instructor at Dortmund Technical College for Design, before completing a one year qualification as editorial journalist, and finally moved into art buying and photojournalism.

Some stopovers in my job history:
Chief Officer at ImageBank Berlin
Photo Book Author (Reporters without Borders)
Picture Editor (Zeit Wissen, Monopol, Volkswagen Magazine and others)
Head of Art Buying (Mutabor, Media Consulta)
Photography Director (MetaDesign)
Freelance Photography Director (Stern Cover)
Freelance Art Buyer

During the last years I could contribute to several magazine launches and brand developments.

Currently I am working as a freelance Art Buyer, Talent Scout and Editor.